Annual Pharmacist Reader Survey 2012, Part 1

Annual Pharmacist Reader Survey 2012, Part 1


The first annual Drug Store News pharmacist-reader survey is certainly a sign of the times. In all, 378 pharmacists completed the survey, which was conducted between July 31 and Aug. 6. As the business of pharmacy continues to become more focused on patient services, 46% of pharmacist-readers told DSN that they are spending more of their time counseling patients. Almost 30% said that they work in more than one store, and among this group more than 6-of-10 said that they believe this is impacting their ability to improve patient outcomes — something for operators to consider.

To prepare themselves for the brave new world of high patient-touch pharmacy care, almost 40% said they have pursued some form of advanced training, with immunizations (50%) and Certified Diabetes Educator (14%) topping the list.

This is the first of a two-part series; in part two DSN will examine pharmacist recommendations across 30-plus OTC product categories.

Click below to download the complete first part of the Annual Pharmacist Reader Survey.

To view part 2 of the Annual Pharmacist Reader Survey, click here.


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