Pharmacist Focus Group

Are you interested in participation in live online pharmacist focus group?

Join us for a discussion on practice tools and communication strategies to counsel patients on specialty pharmacy drug regimen, and receive an honoraria of $250!

• One hour moderated discussion online
• Limit of 8-10 pharmacists
• honoraria $ 250

Discussion Topics Include:

1. Disease-specific counseling
2. The complex patient (e.g., HIV/Hep C, oncology patient)
3. Role of counseling in preventing medication errors
4. Role of counseling in adherence/compliance
5. Differences in counseling approach between specialty patients and other patients
6. Obstacles to counseling and how to overcome them
7. What works/doesn’t work when counseling specialty patients?
8. How do you see specialty pharmacy counseling changing in the next year? 5 years?