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Nutrisystem to revamp plans for weight loss


Nutrisystem is jumping into the new year by announcing new diet plans for consumers and a new multi-brand strategy for the 2018 diet season ahead.

“As America strives to lose weight and become healthier, we’re committed to helping through a platform of solutions across multiple brands,” Dawn Zier, president and CEO of Nutrisystem said. “The market is growing and consumers are demanding more customized solutions that are ordered online and delivered directly to their home. This is something we’ve refined over decades, and it is a clear strength of Nutrisystem.”

Part of these launches will include the Nutrisystem Turbo 13 which includes Turbo TakeOff, a one week-jumpstart with specially designed foods. The Nutrisystem Turbo for Men program will include new NutriPro shakes and increased snacking options. The South Beach Diet also will launch a one-week phase one jumpstart called the 7-Day Body Reboot.

“Our multiple programs appeal to men and women across America who want to lose weight to improve their health and have more energy,” Keira Krausz, CMO of Nutrisystem, said. “We are committed to delivering the most convenient, easiest-to-follow weight-loss solutions. Customers can choose from hundreds of food items that nourish and satisfy, and we believe we offer the best value for the money.”

The company also announced that it will be working with musician and reality star, Jesse James Decker on a 260 marketing campaign that will launch on television, print, digital and other platforms.


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