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Ahold’s Sherr lays out blueprint for success at Mack Elevation Forum


PALM BEACH, Fla. — “Why do some companies’ ideas thrive while others die, and how do we improve the chances of our ideas sticking?” That was one of the key messages conveyed by Elevation Forum founder and Mack Elevation Forum leader Dan Mack. Mack’s forum, now in its 7th year, is a dynamic group of senior leaders from a number of high-growth health, beauty and wellness companies looking to grow in thought leadership.

On April 24, the forum group and keynote speaker, Ahold VP of HBC merchandising Howard Sherr, discussed strategies on how to best align and attract millennials, create a differentiated consumer experience and earn the role of preferred partner.

Sherr has been with the organization for less than a year, in which time he’s laid out an exciting blueprint to continue growing Ahold’s health-and-wellness image within the industry. He shared the company’s “omnichannel vision to create a seamless experience across banners and Peapod — including shopping experience, customer communication, pickup points and delivery — building a world-class future.”
“We ‘fill our bucket’ of primary shoppers with fresh and famous, but we need to win with our five HBC strategies or the bucket leaks,” Sherr added.

The second part of the forum focused on how to best position an organization by moving away from tired, heavy PowerPoint decks and moving to open retailer discussions and stories. Mack opened the discussion stating, “stories encourage participation, while presentations encourage debates, critiques and arguments. Immediately after a 10-minute presentation, listeners only remember 50% of what was said. Within a week it is down to 10%. Since very little of your message will stick, you must be absolutely clear in your mind which 10% you want them to remember, and then design your discussion to make sure that happens,” Mack said.

The forum leadership team’s vision is to uncover and discuss the industry sales strategy, customer alignment and growth strategies within the CPG health-and-wellness sector.


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