2011 Pharmacist Sentiment Report

An inside look at pharmacy. Right from the source.

In this exclusive report, you’ll discover what 202 retail pharmacists had to say on a variety of current industry topics and trends. Survey respondents included retail pharmacists from Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Walmart, and Target. All surveys were conducted by phone, and the majority of the survey questions were open response format.

Survey questions:

  1. What new OTC drugs have caught your attention over the past month?

  2. What new prescription drugs have caught your attention?

  3. Have you made any private-label recommendations over the past month?

  4. In your opinion, how can suppliers develop better relationships with pharmacists?

  5. What have been the two most common questions from your customers over the past month?

  6. Have you had any inventory issues over the past month

  7. In your view, what is the best opportunity for helping your patients in 2012?

  8. What is the biggest obstacle to helping your patients in 2012?

  9. What are you doing to improve patient adherence and clinical outcomes?

The 32-page, chart-filled Pharmacist Sentiment Report displays both the survey totals and the survey responses broken down by retail chain. To view a free sample page, click on the image to the left.

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